SDG Circuit MTN Ti Alloy Rail Microfiber Saddle


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SDG CIRCUIT MTN Ti Alloy Rail Microfiber Saddle

– Rail: TI-ALLOY
– Length: 280mm
– Width:135mm
– Weight: 215 grams
– 2pc Seamless Stitched Cover –
Microfiber Top with Kevlar Sides
– Flat-Forward Platform – Allows ease of
movement on the saddle.
– Deep Peri-Canal – Continuous relief
channel from tip to tail.
– D2 Edge Flex – Provides softened edges
for optimal pedal strokes.
– Nose Platform – Wider nose to aid in

The Circuit MTN is a low profile, flat forward design saddle for those looking for a minimalist option. Underneath the light-weight EVA foam is a hidden cut-out to help relieve pressure on the perineum. Additionally, the saddle is constructed with a nylon glass base, along with a base bridge to increase stiffness, resulting in the superior power transfer with each pedal stroke.


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