SDG Circuit MTN Cro-Mo Rail Saddle


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SDG Circuit MTN Cro-Mo Rail Saddle


Shell Material: Plastic with Nylon Glass Fibre-injected base
Rail Material: CrMo
Cover: Microfibre with Kevlar sides
Padding: EVA Foam
Length: 280x135mm
Weight: 235g


Durably built for daring enduro adventures, this CrMo-railed saddle by SDG gives padding and support in all the right places as you plummet towards the podium.
Equipped with Kevlar-reinforced side sections for ultimate toughness on the rowdiest of rides, the Circuit Mtn stays protective and sturdy on every ride.
Padded with EVA Foam to keep your sit bones softly cushioned and sheathed in a Microfibre cover, this fantastic throne is all set to dominate on the downhill.



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